The Grow Book takes data from thousands of growers (some good, most bad), compartmentalizes it into chapters and passes it on in a meaningful way. The compiled data confirmed some obvious truths but it also exposed painful surprising details as well… Like anything else, there is no way to become talented at something without learning the moves then doing them over and over until they feel smooth and natural. Reading this book and making detailed notes in the Garden-Tracker will shorten the costs associated with this learning curve and maybe, help you not be 'That Guy'.

Included in The Grow Book is some useful charts such as the Grow Diamond, a Troubleshooting chart, Nutrient Profile graphs, the Garden Tracker, and a Growth Rate chart

What sets this book apart from all the others, is that it's simple and focused on just the supplies, problems, equipment and strategies we use. This book doesn't teach you how to grow; it teaches you how to think about growing and everything that goes into the process.

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