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Henderson, NV Hydroponics

Call Henderson Hydroponics, NV (702.434.7365) for all your indoor garden supplies.
Any store can match prices (we do too) but we also offer FREE grow classes and FREE phone support.  My staff is knowledgeable and perhaps more important…. Patient! 

My promise to new customers:
My name is Jason, they call me The Grow Boss because I am a master grower.  This is my store and my promise to each and every new grower is respect and education because we can’t grow without each other.

My promise to new growers:
Your first crop should be successful and fun and that’s what we make it at Henderson Hydroponics. Starting an indoor garden is scary, a little expensive and takes about 6 months to master. We teach, hands on, how to mix nutrients, test your soil and water and how to clone successfully. Come to my free classes, or just sit down with me for a free evaluation and price estimate.

My promise to current growers:
If you’re already growing, sit down with me for a FREE evaluation of your current setup.  If I can’t improve your yield or techniques I will by you a bottle of your favorite nutrient!  The Grow Boss.

Our Products Include: 

  • Nutrients
  • Grow tents
  • Cloning systems
  • Blowers and fans
  • Lighting systems
  • Growth stimulants
  • Pumps, fittings, and timers
  • Everything the other guys have

Entire Order Ships Discreetly for Only $7 US Shipping Only.  $22 for Canada. $32 Everywhere Else